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Bigger Pockets: Turning a $150k Gambling Loss into Real Estate Millions

The road to real estate millions isn’t a simple path, and Jude Bernard knows this. Back in 2004, Jude was sitting at a blackjack table in Vegas. This wasn’t his first game of the day, nor his second, or even his third. Jude had been sitting at that blackjack table for thirty hours straight. When the final game ended, he walked away, $150,000 poorer than he started. Jude then found the closest tattoo parlor, walked in, and got the phrase “never again” tattooed on his hand as a testament to his mistake.

Now, Jude runs a rental and flipping empire, settling for no less than seven-figure profits on his fix and flips. He also runs The Brooklyn Bank, a non-profit designed to help economically empower people of color in New York City.

Check out his episode on BiggerPockets now!

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