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Ambitious Legacy - Episode 209: Trust The Process with Jude Bernard

Jude Bernard is a guest speaker on Ambitious Legacy and shares his successes and experiences. After realizing that a 9-5 was no longer serving him, he decided to save up his money and eventually buy his first property in Jamaica, Queens. Before he knew it, he had invested in several properties, gotten his broker's license, and had become a contractor, inspiring others to do the same. He now is not only a successful entrepreneur, but the owner of a nonprofit called "The Brooklyn Bank" which gives back to the community by providing food, clothes, and information, and has even started a scholarship program.

Jude's journey to success and in building his ambitious legacy has taught him that you need to stick to one focus in order to be successful at it, time is invaluable, and that each one of us have different motivations for the things in life we go after, but it's important to remember that to achieve your goals, you'll not only need to put in the time, but make sure that you don't skip the process, because the lessons you're learning now, are the blueprint to your success for the future!

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