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2739 Mentorship Membership

Welcome to the 2739 Mentorship Program, where we help entrepreneurs and real estate investors achieve their financial goals. Our program is designed to teach you not only how to buy properties, but also how to build profitable and sustainable businesses. With our exclusive 15-member intensive group mentorship program, you'll receive a collaborative deep dive into the critical areas of improvement for your business and real estate portfolio.


Join us for a 12-month training program that will transform your life. Sessions on Money & Credit, Financial Planning, Property Management, Construction, Entrepreneurship Drills and Scenarios, NYC Real Estate Breakdown, and more. Let us help you achieve your financial dreams.

2024 Program 

Are you looking to join an exclusive program that will help you achieve success in real estate investing and entrepreneurship? Our program offers only 15 slots for the upcoming year, so make sure to complete the application in detail for consideration and acceptance.


If shortlisted, you will be required to attend four intensive in-person weekends in NYC and make necessary business capital expenditures. Apply now to secure your spot!

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